About me


My name is Lukasz and I have million hobbies.
Ones which absorbed my life for over 18 years were aggressive rollerblading and snowboarding. Both sports made me look at world from different perspectives! One is urban second it’s a combination of winter and nature. Perfection. Two sides of spectrum.

Music is a big part of life. LIVE MUSIC. Sound created by people playing in different places for 20 or 20000 people made me want to capture emotions of musicians, public, atmosphere and energy.

Everything what surrounds Us is dynamic, with every second being unique , and it is a perfect opportunity and a great joy of capturing the composition of all the factors of this moment.

This is how these eyes were shaped .

If you are craftman, musician or athlete and you wanna capture it, I am here to help You!

Contact me!

Instagram @lukaszedge
Email: Targosz.lukasz@gmail.com